Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ivan Poupyrev

First of all, I found a really interesting website called Resonate. It's a site that brings together art and technology:


Through that site, I found Ivan Poupyrev who is actually a "Disney Imagineer" and helps create new technology for the Disney parks.

However, the piece I'm going to show you has nothing to do with Disney. It's called:

Botanicus Interacticus: Interactive Living Plants


Using a technology called, "Touche", which is a sensing technology, a wire is placed in a plant's soil and allows for the interaction between humans and the living plants to be tracked. If you go to the website listed above, you can see more images and video that describes the technology and shows the piece in action.

"With Botanicus Interacticus technology any living plant can be turned into a musical instrument, a game controller, a light switch, an elevator button, or a motion detector. Interactivity and responsiveness can be added to homes, streets, and even entire cities, unobtrusively and sustainably simply by growing plants."

I never imagined that we would be able to show the interaction with a plant and a human and it look so beautiful. 

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