Saturday, June 1, 2013

For my installation piece as a new media art, I inspired by minimalism. it was created by cutting plexiglas, and I wanted to make it between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shape as you can see it in the shadow part. The movement in the work are going to the center of the piece with yellow color. it creates energy. 
 I was thinking why every shadow should be black that makes boring, so I wanted to make them colorful to get the colorful shadow, not as a black, the colored shadows were created by the light shinning through yellow acrylic sheet
I was thinking using shadow as an art can be New Media Art that is a new idea of getting a question about a daily life. 
This work is my experiment to me using a new material and when I study minimalist sculptures, it gives me a different point of view in art.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Biotechnology as an art form?

I was really interested in the idea of biotechnology as an art form, and I think, in a  lot of ways, it really stretches the boundaries of what most of us might consider to be art. I found this article which talks about scientists growing unnatural 'living' things, such as tissue, cultivated from a few meager cells from another living creature. In the article it struck my particular interest that this scientist took cells from a frog and created what she called "steak," which was later on cooked up and eaten, while the frog watched happily from its cage. The scientist herself stated that "The piece forces viewers to consider all the life forms."
Here's the link:

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Digital Poetry

Digital poetry is a form of New Media Art and an interactive evolution of traditional poetry created through the use of computers and digital technology. While some may consider any poetry created electronically to be digital poetry, the main creative use of the medium is to provide an element of interactivity without requiring direct contact between the poet and the audience, as would be necessary to creative traditional poetry in an interactive manner.

One example of digital poetry is JABBER: The Jabberwocky Engine, which is a Java program created by poet and new media artist Neil Hennessy. The program uses lexical rules to combine letters into nonsensical words that actually follow English pronunciation rules and norms and therefore sound like real words even though they are not.

You can experience the program on the official website here:


BioArt is a branch of New Media Art that involves creating artworks using biological elements such as living tissue or microorganisms and often involves biotechnology as well. These works are typically created by scientists themselves or by traditional artists working in conjunction with scientists and will often involve laboratories as well as or in place of artist's studios.

Here is an example of BioArt in a petri dish created with florescent bacteria:

Here is an interesting article exploring the aesthetics of BioArt as well as the ethics of using live specimens and living tissue to create art:

Finally, here is a direct link to the BioArt photo gallery accompanying the above article:

Robotic Art

Robotic art is a genre of New Media art featuring performing robots. One example is juke_bots, a 2001 robotic performance installation piece featuring two robot arms acting as turntable disk jockeys. The robots are provided with a stack of records which they can place on the turntable and manipulate like real DJs by adjusting the speed, distortion, fragmentation, etc. while the music plays.

Here is a video of the installation:

You can learn more about the work at the official site (it's in German so it must be translated):

3D Printing For The Masses

A group called Shapeways is one of the many opening up the world of 3D printing for the masses and helping to bring affordable 3D printers to people's homes. 3D printing has been around for a while but was mostly used by engineers and other specialists and not easily available or accessible to the average person.

Here's a video explaining what 3D printing is all about:

There are also numerous 3D printer Kickstarters aimed at bringing affordable 3D printers directly to people's homes. Here's one such example:

PBS Idea Channel - The 5 Most Artful Video Games

In response to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York opening a video game exhibition, PBS's Idea Channel on YouTube posted a video discussing video games as an art form and presenting what they consider to be the 5 most artful video games, for various reasons. I found it to be a well-informed video with solid arguments and an entertaining, yet fact-filled, presentation style.

Here's the link to the video: